On the mutipliers of the Figá-Talamanca Herz algebra

Document Type : Dedicated to Prof. A. T.-M. Lau


MA A1 345 (B^atiment MA) Station 8 CH-1015 Lausanne.


Let $G$ be a locally compact group and $p,q \in \mathbb{R}$ with $p>1, \hskip2pt p\not =2$ and $q$ between $2$ and $p$ (if $p<2$ then $p<q<2,$ if $p>2$ then $2<q<p$.) The main result of the paper is that $ A_{q}(G)$ multiplies $A_p(G),$ more precisely we show that the Banach algebra $A_p(G)$ is a Banach module on $A_q(G).$


Main Subjects

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