Centralizer nearrings

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Department of Mathematics Southeastern Louisiana University


Suppose that $(G,+)$ is a group (possibly nonabelian) and that $X$ is a submonoid of the monoid of all endomorphisms of $G$ under the operation of composition of functions, $({\rm End}~{G}, \circ)$. We define the $X$-centralizer nearring of $G$ by $X$ by saying that $M_X(G):=\{ f:G \to G \mid f(0_G)=0_G \text{ and } f \circ \alpha=\alpha \circ f \text{ for all } \alpha \in X \}$. This set of functions, $M_X(G)$, is a nearring under the ``usual" operations of function ``addition" and ``composition" of functions. This paper investigates how centralizer nearrings can be defined and investigates their ideals when $X$ is a group of automorphisms.


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