Shing-Tung Yau's work on the notion of mass in general relativity

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The notion of mass or energy has been one of the most challenging problems in general relativity since Einstein's time. As is well known from the equivalence principle, there is no well-defined concept of energy density for gravitation. On the other hand, when there is asymptotic symmetry, concepts of total energy and momentum can be defined. This is the ADM energy-momentum and the Bondi energy-momentum when the system is viewed from spatial infinity and null infinity, respectively. These concepts are fundamental in general relativity but there are limitations to such definitions if the physical system is not isolated and cannot quite be viewed from infinity where asymptotic symmetry exists.

The positive energy conjecture states that the total energy of a nontrivial isolated physical system must be positive. This conjecture lies in the foundation of general relativity upon which stability of the system rests.This long standing conjecture had attracted many physicists and mathematician,
but only very special cases were verified up until the seventies.


Main Subjects

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