The $n$-th residual relative operator entropy $\mathfrak{R}^{[n]}_{x,y}(A|B)$ and the $n$-th operator valued divergence

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1 Department of Life Science and Informatics, Faculty of Engineering, Maebashi Institute of Technology, Maebashi, Japan

2 1-1-3, Sakuragaoka, Kanmakicho, Kitakaturagi-gun, Nara, 639-0202, Japan.

3 Maebashi Institute of Technology, 460-1, Kamisadori, Maebashi, Gunma, 371-0816, Japan.


We introduced the $n$-th residual relative operator entropy $\mathfrak{R}^{[n]}_{x,y}(A|B)$ and showed its monotone property, for example, $\mathfrak{R}^{[n]}_{x,x}(A|B) \le \mathfrak{R}^{[n]}_{x,y}(A|B) \le \mathfrak{R}^{[n]}_{y,y}(A|B)$ and $\mathfrak{R}^{[n]}_{x,x}(A|B) \le \mathfrak{R}^{[n]}_{y,x}(A|B) \le \mathfrak{R}^{[n]}_{y,y}(A|B)$ for $x\le y$ if $A\le B$ or $n$ is odd.
The $n$-th residual relative operator entropy $\mathfrak{R}^{[n]}_{x,y}(A|B)$ is not symmetric on $x$ and $y$, that is, $\mathfrak{R}^{[n]}_{x,y}(A|B)\neq \mathfrak{R}^{[n]}_{y,x}(A|B)$ for $n\geq 2$ while $\mathfrak{R}^{[1]}_{x,y}(A|B)= \mathfrak{R}^{[1]}_{y,x}(A|B)$.
In this paper we compare $\mathfrak{R}^{[n]}_{x,y}(A|B)$ with $\mathfrak{R}^{[n]}_{y,x}(A|B)$ and give the relations between $\mathfrak{R}^{[n]}_{x,y}(A|B)$ and the $n$-th operator divergence $\Delta_{i,x}^{[n]}(A|B)$.
In this process, we find another operator divergence ${\overline \Delta}_{i,x}^{[n]}(A|B)$ which is similar to $\Delta_{i,x}^{[n]}(A|B)$ but not the same.


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